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"helping you breathe easier"         


BUILDING HEALTH & SCIENCE inLiving ENVIRONMENTS one home at a time...

HomeFree, LLC. leading and serving our communities as Louisiana’s Environmental Consultants.

We are Acadiana’s Indoor Air Quality Consultants.

Mold Inspection and Testing Company for over 20 years and counting …

HomeFree performs numerous services;

Environmental Consultations

Wellness Advocate

Mold Remediation                            

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Mold Inspections

Scopes of Work

Moisture Mapping

Dry - Out services

Infra-Red Inspections

New Construction Mold Inspections

Quality Assurance Inspections

Mold Prevention Services

Pre-Purchase or Pre-Lease Inspections & Testing

Pre-Post Remediation Inspections & Testing

Preventative Maintenance

Monthly / Annual Maintenance

Project Management

Make Ready Real Estate

Post Construction Cleaning

inLiving™️ Environmental Solutions

Equipment Rental

DIY Packages

our goal remains single focused to aid in protecting and to add value to our biggest investments;

                          lives and homes.

This is why we do what we do. We care.

This is how we became known as

"Restorer of Homes"

We like our homes, like, we like our products, Non-toxic.


Free of Toxins, harm, and chemicals to hard to pronounce.

Formulated trusted certified organic #home essential proprietary blends that are safe and effective for multiple uses and users. Our Signature Essential Indoor Air Quality Blends and Natural Response™️ for our first responders and the countless lives encountered daily reap the benefits and enjoy their own personal experiences with the natural anti - fungal, anti-bacterial benefits in choosing these healthier living options.

We continue to learn and educate ourselves and others on the benefits of natural services and products. inLiving™️.

Knowing each one deserves much more than just another “general” contractor perspective and / or diagnosis / misdiagnosis, we take the bigger picture into perspective when reporting the findings during our Inspections and Consultations.

Our Licensed Mold Remediation and Restoration #hometeam are experienced and compassionate. Understanding the importance of the field work, in each meticulous detail. 


Include us advocating on your behalf, while estimating / INDEPENDENT services.

Our experience is us, literally taking it ONE -STEP-AT -A -TIME with you.  

Example: Reviewing P.O.L. (proof of loss) to assist in complete coverage, line -items, scope of work reviews then all completed in a report, to your benefit.   Ensuring you, the insurer policy holder,  

WILL NOT experience more loss after a claim.    


Being the founders of “melting pot” a team of likeminded gatherings sharpening the skilled and Health & Science inLiving™️ Environmental Solutions, the #hometeam is taking New Construction, Remodels, and maintenance to a completely “healthier” new level. There is nothing “general” about our services.

Implementing and Locally Loved HomeFree inLiving™️ Solutions is highly recommended and sought after as your premiere Environmental Service.

Adding protection, value and the peace of mind for years to come. 

                       “Working together to maintain the integrity of healthier living”

Serving & Protecting Building Contractors and Home or Business owners alike.

Our Restoration Team is NOT a one size fit all.

Not One Protocol.

Not One Remedy.

NOT One Solution approach.

Mold has been around.

MOLD is not a new issue; it dates back to the bible; Leviticus chapter 14:39-47.

Through years of personal and remedial experience, Our motto remains;

“being part of the solution not the problem.”

A couple of Quotes by Benjamin Franklin "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" and "Failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."

HomeFree continues to implement and at times insist on practicing a little precaution, prep work before a crisis or natural disaster. This is preferable to a whole lot of fixing up afterwards. It's important to be able to recover resiliently from disasters, in being part of this, HomeFree restores, BUILDS BACK BETTER ENVIRONMENTS AND ENCOURAGES NEW CONTRUCTION FROM THE GROUND UP IN BEING MINDFUL IN PREVENTION RESOURCES TO REDUCE THE RISK OF DISASTROUS CONSEQUENCES SHOULD SIMILIAR EVENTS REOCCUR. Life happens; hot water tanks burst, AC condensates, roof leaks, tub overflows, flood water enters, etc...

HomeFree, #hometeam restoration property services takes an individual approach to each project incorporating necessary protocols for the structural integrity & more importantly the healthiest enviro - friendly approaches within the environment for the occupants.

We believe everyone deserves a healthy environment.

A healthy home.

A healthy workplace.

Referred by Insurance Companies, Doctors, Realtors, Contractors, and other Health Advocates, HomeFree remains as the expert mediator in the Mold field as a third party, non-bias Environmental Consultant and Mold Inspector.

What does that mean?

We work for you. With you.

We have no reason to find marginal or extensive damage to any property we Inspect. HomeFree will Report the Recommendations in a Full Scope of Work or Simply Report findings at the time of Inspection. We will never turn a blind eye to a problem or a potential problem.

We believe you cannot put a price tag on one another's health.

Mold Inspections and/or Mold Remediation may or may not be covered by Homeowner policy, so HomeFree believes in making every effort to make necessary and affordable solutions available.

The best compliments we receive, is the referral to your family and friends.


We appreciate all referrals. However, client confidentiality is our company policy. Our team will not arrive advertising services on our vehicles or place signs in your yard. Your Business is our only concern when we are on location. Our Inspections and Restoration Property Services are simply done for YOU, and with your discretion, as a priority.

When you or someone you know is in need or ready to know what is in the indoor environment that could be beneficial or potentially harmful and work towards the most efficient remedies, call 337.577.2030

HomeFree, LLC.

“helping you breathe easier”

“Working together to maintain the integrity of healthier living”

Thank you for choosing HomeFree, LLC. ©️2004

Our Story

Our journey continues ...

HomeFree is a growing community of genuine stewardship,

so from our family community to yours, thank you!

Where our atmosphere assignment is to create environments that are inviting to personal encounters, healthy living and to beHomeFree.

... "helping you breathe easier"

Our dedicated team of Kingdom minded hands and feet share a synergy goal for loving God and all His creations! Our hearts reflect the transparent laboring in serving God, His green earth and each other. We are committed to learning, teaching and giving. Utilizing the #hometeam strength, our Faith, Health and Science services & products promote a healthy balance in Holistic wholeness.

Through years of remedial & personal experience we continue to

approach each individual time and season with the uniqueness and wisdom intentionally following the Creators divine designs

in “being part of the solution” 

A walk by Faith ...

HomeFree is ever expanding and we couldn't be more excited and challenged in the activation of anew levels of faith. LIVING FREE!

All Natural Products

“Natural Response™”

HomeFree™” Indoor Air Quality Blend organic essential oils,

formulated enviro - friendly green cleaner:

being both good for the users and the environment.

We believe you will enjoy your own experience knowing you are choosing and doing your part with a safe & “Natural Response" as well.

beHomeFree naturally 


HomeFree connects and host entrepreneurs to share YOUR talents.

founders of ; "melting pot"

a gathering where different people, styles, theories are mixed together as one. Sharing the process of blending that often results in invigoration, LIFE or novelty.

We don't compete;

We compliment.

Become or contact our #hometeam and start enjoying the benefits of commUNITY



we believe we may not have it altogether but together we have it all!


when one member rejoices, we all rejoice, when one mourns, we all mourn.

Mission Statement

OUR MISSION IS KNOWING WE HAVE BEEN COMMISSIONED; GO, share and by the grace of God, for God to be glorified in all we do. Being faithful with each of our gifts and talents UNTIL we proclaim the good news to the whole world and all His creation.

Our daily service to God and others.

HomeFree CommUNITY.

“working together to maintain the integrity of healthier living"

#better together

1 Cor. 12